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 In 2007 at a church service in Sacramento, CA my 8 month pregnant wife and I were told by doctors that our son could have some things wrong. Prophet Louis Melo placed his hands on my wife's pregnant belly and declared life and said that he would be healthy and that he would be born with a mark but not to worry it's a reminder from God that he is marked by God. Noah was born with two red marks on his face and as new parents it scared us but we remembered the promise from God. Noah is healthy and is a young man after God. Brother Melo's ministry has forever impacted our family. If your church needs a fresh touch or encounter from God you should have Louis Melo come. It will change you and your family or church forever.

(Pastor Brien Watters, Redding - California)



Prophet Louis Melo  prophesied that my spring was coming, and that I would be coming into some money without having to do anything. So I our team was rewarded a certain amount of stocks but got confusing info about how much we would get. The fact is that it would be very small. Well low and behold that SPRING has come my brother and it was thousands of dollars. So naturally a 10th goes to our Lord, BUT For the 1st time we gave a good size offering. Yesterday, I got an email that I was AWARDED 1,500 shares of SAP stock to cash/vest in a 3 year period! The reason I share is to build your faith my brother, That what you heard from GOD was not another voice, but spot on 1) Spring is coming & 2) Large amount of money without doing anything for it! I hope this praise report blesses your spirit. Love you my brother and have a prosperous weekend yourself. In Jesus name!

( Anonymous: June 2014)



 Pastor/Prophet Louis Melo.  This is the brother who called me out of an assembly of 100+ people back in June of '08 and said that "I see a miracle of healing coming your way, sir, for that doc is quite mistaken."  Almost 4 years later (Jan/2012) I had a tumor the size of my fist removed, along with 11" of my colon (stage 3 colon cancer).  Now, when he gave me that word, I transcribed it the next day and put it into my ammunition belt.  I had no health problems then.  Fast forward to 2012 and I stood on that word, that was a Word from the throne room of the Lord!  Today, I am totally healed, delivered, and more importantly God has instructed me to watch what I eat, to better care for His temple.    

(Brother Nat)                           




A word was given to a man with directions and specific technical terms about building a bridge in his spiritual life to move into a total new season of ministry. People around in the altar could not understand why the Prophet was using those technical words and expressions about bridges. After the service the man shared that he was a Bridge Engineer.



A couple asked for prayer about their status in the country. They love the Lord and have a ministry in a California local church. The Prophet under the anointing declared they legal status in the United States. In 2012 they received their permanent residence documents on what can be considered a miracle since their lawyers did not believe they could get it.



 We want thank God for our Bishop Louis Melo! When the Lord divinely connected us with him, our ministry was very young, our life was almost nothing.  Bishop Melo was God sent angel into our life and ministry...God spoke to him about the need of sending us support and he obeyed and responded honestly. He helped us grow, not only financially but spiritual as well. He took the entire of his time emailing us and advising us for we are his spiritual children. Our church was with only 11 members by then, and through his mentorship the church grew to 100 plus and from one church now has 3 sister churches...Glory be to God.

(Pastor Paul : Kenya, Africa)




A mechanic working for a somewhat busy shop received a prophetic word. The Lord spoke to him that he was going to own that business and would no longer be an employee but an employer. In 2001 he was able to buy the entire business and today that shop is one of the best in the entire region and the man continue to prosper greatly and the shop has over 4,000 thousand customers.



My wife, Amy, and I had been looking for a new house. Having been passed over on our first target property, we were in negotiations on the next one. We knew our next home would have a specific mission, but so far we had just been looking for our next house. 

Prophet Melo came to speak at Victory International Church, our home church in San Mateo, California.  He spoke words over us that told us we were going to have a change in "geography" and that hundreds of people would be blessed at our new location. Without knowing us personally,or anything about our situation,  his prophetic words bore witness with us. We suddenly knew what God had been trying to tell us all along. Our next home was to serve Him in a very specific way - in providing a place where speakers of God's word and ministers of the gospel would have a place to speak what God's people needed to hear; a place where healing would manifest and where people would be lifted up. 

We closed on the new house within a month, and it is everything and more than we had been praying for, and about, in a home. At the dedication celebration,  our pastors, Brad and GiGi Allen, and Prophet Melo spoke prophetically over our gifting for healing and worship.  We, and our home, were commissioned by our pastors, and the anointing of healing was transferred from them to us. At the dedication, we were also commissioned by Prophet Melo to take on the mission of hosting and supporting international ministers. Everything Prophet Melo has spoken has been directly in line with what we had been hearing from God, and he confirmed with exact specificity the detailed mission of our home.

Prophet Melo speaks God's truth. His office has nothing to do with telling the future, and everything to do with confirming, comforting, and encouraging God's truth about the lives of His people. 

At another service at Victory International Church, Prophet Melo spoke over me about the re-commissioning of dreams I had in the past but had put away for a number of years. I have been working toward a ministry format that I had not yet seen modeled before - the details of which I had not shared with anyone other than my wife, Amy. Again, without knowing about my dream, Prophet Melo's words spoke directly to that work, bearing witness with me and confirming and illuminating very specific words spoken over me by Dan Brown at Bethel Redding, evangelist Neal Sundblad of Go Forth Ministries, and our pastors, Brad and GiGi Allen. I now know I am operating in God's will as I proceed in ministry preparation!

God bless Prophet Melo for his obedience and sensitivity to The Holy Spirit! His is an office commissioned by God for the benefit of His people, and he delivers God's power to cut through the fog of confusion and doubt and get to the crystalline core of God's desires for our lives.

You cannot have Prophet Melo speak over you and not be changed...

All Fullness of the Blessing!

Paul and Amy Kurokawa


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